Real Estate in Greece

Real estate in Greece

Real estate in Greece  is in greater demand nowadays and it's quite understandable.
Greece - the country of ancient gods and epochal battles attracts people with its stability and democracy. Real estate in Greece, initially a profitable investment, in the future often serves as a pass to the world of true relaxation, the opportunity to change the environment, and sometimes even to get a new permanent residence.

Greece is a land where the natural beauty of its landscape competes with the splendor of ancient architecture. Tourists from all over the world come to Greece for unforgettable experience,  therefore, it is considered very profitable having bought the house in Greece to rent it out. The rent during season is quite high here.

Greece is the birthplace of the language of formulas and sanctuary of Orthodox holy sites.  Greece welcomes foreigners, representatives of any nationalities, races or religions.

Greece is a place you've been dreaming about, it's so far and near...

Buying property in Greece, a person acquires a new status: a house or a villa in Greece  characterizes a person as a successful businessman.  Owning real estate in Greece is a step towards life-top.

You thought about purchasing real estate in Greece, made your calculations, were looking for brokers, faced difficulties and ... abandoned the idea? Then, It is time to trust the professionals!

Many years of experience while working with real estate in Greece guarantee our customers complete privacy and security.

Real estate in Greece can be expensive (exclusive),  not expensive, and really cheap. The price of the house, apartment or villa depends on its location (that, farther from the sea, on the islands, where there is no infrastructure, is cheaper), the year when it was built and the quality of construction (modern homes, earthquake-proof, and those having all conveniences are more expensive), the number of floors and size of premises. Please, be aware of fact, that any real estate in Greece, from economy class to exclusive offers, will require expenses for monthly services (water, electricity, garbage collection, telephone, etc).

When choosing a house for yourself, it is, of course, better to buy a new and comfortable cottage or a part of it (townhouse), together with a plot, which has a park, a garden or an open swimming pool, but even an apartment in Greece is a wonderful purchase, gift for yourself and your relatives.

We will find you a comfortable home in Greece, help you to deal with the legal formalities,  make the buying process easy. If you are interested in a house, apartment or villa in Greece, we offer you the best option, taking into consideration your budget, preferences, and purpose of acquisition.

Рекомендуемая недвижимость в регионе

€470 000


Халкидики, Греция
113 м2 0 3
€1 000 000


Халкидики, Греция
260 м2 1 6
€490 000


Халкидики, Греция
200 м2 0 3

Горящие предложения в регионе

€110 000


Халкидики, Греция
65 м2 0 3
€62 000


Халкидики, Греция
52 м2 0 1
€200 000


Халкидики, Греция
200 м2 0 0

Эксклюзивные VIP-предложения

€300 000


Халкидики, Греция
192 м2 0 2
€285 000


Халкидики, Греция
138 м2 0 3
€165 000


Халкидики, Греция
75 м2 0 2